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Laser welding, additive manufacturing enable equipment refurbishments with …

Pretoria, South Africa – The National Laser Centre of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) has developed laser-based refurbishment techniques, including laser welding and additive manufacturing, that have made it possible to refurbish equipment that would otherwise have had to be scrapped or previously required much more effort, according to Herman Burger, the Centres research group leader for laser material processing.

Leaking water tanks at the Koeberg nuclear power plant in the Western Cape of South Africa were refurbished with laser cladding technology, at far less than the estimated R1bn replacement cost.

Laser surface welding technology has increased service life and lowered the ownership costs of continuous caster rolls at the ArcelorMittal factory in Vanderbijlpark, South Africa.

CSIRs capability ensures that expensive repairs performed overseas in the past are now done in the country. Both MAN Diesel and Turbo and Tupperware used to send components to Germany and Belgium, respectively, when laser cladding was required, Burger says. Large, heavy components were shipped to the other side of the world to have a few kilograms of weld metal deposited by laser. It was extremely wasteful in terms of time, transport costs, and European labor rates. Now, it is done here.

MAN Diesel and Turbo projects and sales manager Christo du Plooy says rotating parts on machinery would traditionally have been repaired with metal spraying or submerged arc welding. The cost of laser refurbishment is high, but he believes that as the technology matures, its cost-effectiveness will increase.

The National Laser Centre also welds rocket motor casings for Denel Munition. Laser welding is used to produce cyclotron radiation targets for the production of radio isotopes for iThemba Labs.

Lasers extend the service life of industrial components by improving oxidation and corrosion resistance, and increasing resistance to abrasive wear–leading to massive savings.

Laser cladding is a weld overlay process in which a coating is placed on a worn metal surface–restoring and sometimes improving components. A high-power laser generates a small puddle of molten metal, called a weld pool, on the surface in need of repair.

Metal powder is then injected into the pool and when the laser beam and the powder mix, a new layer of metal is created and bonded to the old metal, creating robust adhesion.

Last year CSIR engineers designed a mobile system based on this technology, used to repair high-value components on site.

The other application of laser surface modification is laser hardening. A laser beam rapidly heats the surface layer of a carbon steel component. The new layer created hardens after rapid cooling. The CSIR has developed laser hardening processes for the armaments industries, Daimler Chrysler, and Bell Equipment.

Lasers are used for additive manufacturing, similar to 3D printing. Laser beams fuse metal powders together, layer by layer, to produce a fully functional part from computer-aided design data.

Laser additive manufacturing is particularly advantageous where high-value components are manufactured from expensive and difficult-to-machine materials, says Burger. Arguably, the biggest advantage of additive manufacturing is that it allows component design to be optimised for functionality rather than manufacturability.

The CSIR is in partnership with aeronautical engineering company Aerosud, which is focusing on the development of technologies that will enable high-speed production of large components. The project is funded by the Department of Science and Technology.

We already use 3D printing for the manufacture of aircraft parts in plastics, such as air conditioning ducts. However, laser additive manufacture is a totally new technology for us. We are now developing a first pilot plant, so the technology will only be mature enough for production in three to four years, says Aerosud MD Paul Potgieter.

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Maybach returns – on a Mercedes

The Maybach badge is on the way back, but no longer as a brand of its own.

Mercedes-Benz has confirmed that the name will reappear on a top-spec version of the S-class.

Maybach, a German maker of luxury cars until the Second World War, was revived by Mercedes parent Daimler-Chrysler in 2002 as a luxury brand to take on the likes of Rolls-Royce.

At launch Daimler-Chrysler predicted around 2,000 sales a year of the Maybach 57 and 62 models, but in the event the brand only sold 3,000 examples in 10 years, before the brand was dropped in 2013.

The new car will be known as the Mercedes-Maybach S600 and will be an extra-long wheelbase variant of the S-class, powered by a revised version of the 6-litre V12 engine produced by AMG.

Mercedes states that the car will provide; “extra spaciousness, special seats and lavishly designed, prestigious interiors offering extensive scope for individualization”.

Detailed specifications and prices for the car will be revealed on 18th December, after the car debuts at motor shows in Los Angeles, USA and Guangzhou in China. Industry predictions put the likely cost at around £155,000.

The S600 will be the only Mercedes-Maybach sold in the UK but different versions will be built for other markets, notably in China. An even longer Pullman variant is predicted to appear in 2015.

Meanwhile Mercedes-Benz is modifying its model name structure with the result hat some cars will receive new designations. The new system is based around the five core model series, A, B, C, E and S.

All SUV models will begin ‘GL’ in a tribute to the classic Mercedes G Class, followed by a letter indicating which model line they are closest to. The biggest change here sees the current M or ML models becoming GLE.

Coupes will begin with ‘CL’, roadsters ‘SL’, both again with a third letter relating to the core line they are most relevant to – resulting, for example in the current SLK being renamed the SLC.

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Chuck Morrison, Executive VP of UniWorld Group, resigns from agency after 15 …

Charles E. (Chuck) Morrison, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Client Services for the UniWorld Goup advertising agency, confirmed reports to Target Market News that he submitted his resignation on Friday, October 31. Morrison, who first joined UWG 15 years ago, declined to discuss the reasons for his departure or what his future plans will be.

Chucks insights have been amazing for our clients, Monique Nelson, CEO of the UniWorld Group, told Target Market News. Nelson acquired ownership of the agency from founder Byron Lewis in 2012. I could not have done the last two and a half years [of the transition in ownership] without him, and Im wishing him success in the next chapter. Im honored to have worked with him and known him.

Morrison, who has more than 30 years of experience in marketing, is widely known as a pioneer in African American marketing. Prior to joining UniWorld, where he oversaw the agencys work on the Ford and Lincoln accounts, among others, he had held top positions on both the client and agency sides of the business.

Morrison was Executive Vice President/Partner at DCA., an agency in Detroit, Michigan, where he worked on Daimler/Chrysler, Kmart, General Mills, Ameritech, Carson Products, Western Union and Miller Brewing Co. accounts.

Prior to that, Morrison was Vice President of Multicultural Marketing for Coca-Cola USA, where he developed and managed a reported budget of $80 million, at the time the largest allocation for ethnic marketing by any major corporation. Under his leadership, Coca-Cola USA realized dramatic growth in share of the African American, Hispanic and Asian American consumer segments.

At Burrell Advertising Inc., Morrison was instrumental in developing McDonalds and Carnations successful ethnic marketing programs. In addition, he served in various Brands, Sales and Promotions positions with Proctor amp; Gamble and the Schlitz Brewing Company.

UniWorld Group, one of the nations largest and oldest multicultural ad agencies, is headquartered in New York with satellite offices in Detroit, Atlanta. Among its clients are Colgate-Palmolive, Ford and  Lincoln, The Home Depot, Amtrak and US Marines.


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Europe close: Stocks run higher on German manufacturing data

LONDON (ShareCast) – The main European equity indices finished in the blue on the back of a spate of better-than-expected economic indicators.
After starting the day lower stocks bounced back on the heels of better than expected readings on German and Eurozone manufacturing which helped to compensate for weak French data.

Survey compiler Markit (NasdaqGS: MRKT – news) s manufacturing sector purchasing managers index for the Eurozone moved higher in October, to a reading of 50.7 versus a print of 50.3 in the month before (consensus: 49.9).

The Dax-30 closed 1.20% higher at 9,047.31 points, while the FTSE Mibtel ended the day up by 0.88%, while the Cac-40 could be seen higher by another 0.34%.

In other notable economic news, Spains central bank estimated the countrys economy grew by 0.5% in quarter-on-quarter terms in the three months to September.

Spanish unemployment dipped to 23.67% in the same time frame, after a reading of 24.47% in the three months prior (consensus: 24.1%), according to Spains statistical office.

Michelin (Paris: FR0000121261 – news) dives after cutting guidance

In company news, French tire-maker Michelin slashed its full-year sales guidance and said it would move to rein in investment, sending its shares diving lower by 6%.

Daimler Chrysler saw third quarter operating profits grow by 21% in the third quarter, exceeding analysts forecasts.

Credit Suisse (NYSE: CS – news) beat forecasts for third quarter earnings with the investment bank telling investors it was cautiously optimistic for the end of the year.

From a sector stand-point the best performance on the DJ Stoxx 600 was to be seen in the following industrial groups: Telecommunications (1.34%), Technology (1.28%) and Healthcare (1.09%).

Saudi oil supply drops

The euro/dollar was edging higher by 0.17% to reach 1.2663 at the end of trading.

Front month Brent crude futures were up 1.67% to $86.05 per barrel on the ICE. Reports which surfaced late in the day indicated that Saudi Arabias oil exports fell in September.

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50 000 Euro Schaden auf der Autobahn

lt;p id=572_1 class=Text tindex=falsegt;Auf dieser Seite näherte sich jedoch ein 42-jähriger Mann mit seinem Daimler-Chrysler. Trotz eines sofortigen Bremsmanövers fuhr der Chrysler auf das Auto auf. Der Hyundai drehte sich um seine Hochachse und prallte in die Mittelschutzplanke. Danach wurde der Wagen nach rechts von der Mittelschutzplanke abgestoßen und kam auf dem Standstreifen zum Stehen. Der Chrysler hielt auf dem Standstreifen an. Bei dem Zusammenstoß wurden beide Fahrzeuge beschädigt und konnten nicht mehr weiterfahren. Beide Autos kamen an die Haken der Abschleppdienste und wurden geborgen.lt;/pgt;

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Fiat und Chrysler starten in eine neue Ära

Es ist der Beginn einer neuen Ära: Der traditionsreiche Autobauer Fiat kehrt seinem Heimatland Italien den Rücken. Mit der Fusion der 1899 gegründeten Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, kurz Fiat, und des US-Autobauers Chrysler am Sonntag hat der neue Konzern Fiat Chrysler Automobiles seinen Hauptsitz künftig nicht mehr in der namensgebenden Stadt im Piemont. Aus steuerlichen Gründen wird das Unternehmen nach London verlegt und nach niederländischem Recht organisiert. Die Autowelt muss sich an eine neue Abkürzung gewöhnen: FCA.

Wenn an diesem Montag die Glocke an der Börse in New York läutet, werden die neuen FCA-Aktien das erste Mal gehandelt, als Zweitnotiz auch an der Mailänder Börse. Dort waren die Papiere des alten Fiat-Konzerns am Freitag nach mehr als 100 Jahren zum letzten Mal angeboten worden und gaben bis zum Handelsschluss um 2,12 Prozent nach.

Ob der selbstbewusste Fiat-Chef Sergio Marchionne den Termin bewusst gewählt hat, ist zwar nicht bekannt – aber das Datum erscheint auf jeden Fall passend: Am Montag wird in den USA der Columbus Day gefeiert – in der Erinnerung an die Ankunft von Christoph Kolumbus, italienischer Seefahrer in spanischen Diensten, in der Neuen Welt, 1492.

Der zweite bedeutende EinschnittNatürlich ist das jetzt ein entscheidender Schritt für den Konzern, erläutert Analyst Jürgen Pieper vom Bankhaus Metzler. Aber in Wirklichkeit ist es schon der zweite oder dritte bedeutende Einschnitt. Man denke nur an die Aufspaltung des Fiat-Konzerns in die Teile Industrie und Automobilbau vor einigen Jahren, so der Branchenkenner.

Marchionne hatte jahrelang auf die transatlantische Ehe seines kränkelnden Fiat-Konzerns mit dem zuvor insolventen US-Autobauer Chrysler hingearbeitet. Anfang 2014 übernahm Fiat dann schließlich Chrysler komplett. Mit der Fusion dürfte der Italo-Kanadier sein Denkmal in der Autobranche sicher haben. Zur Erinnerung: Bei seinem Amtsantritt vor zehn Jahren stand Fiat vor der Pleite, nun startet der Konzern in eine neue Ära.

Richtig ist aber auch: Die amerikanische Tochter Chrysler hatte mit ihren Gewinnen lange das starke Verlustgeschäft des Autobauers in Europa und vor allem im kriselnden Heimatmarkt Italien ausgebügelt. Die Abrechnung wird sicherlich erst gemacht, wenn es dem US-Automarkt und damit auch Chrysler einmal wieder schlechter geht, prophezeit auch Experte Pieper.

Wohin geht also die Fahrt?Partner in Asien oder globale Riesenfusion, überschrieb Italiens Wirtschaftszeitung Il Sole 24 Ore ihren Ausblick für die neue Ehe in der Autowelt. So viel ist klar: Marchionne will den bislang siebtgrößten Autobauer der Welt weiter nach vorn bringen.

Und Fiat Chrysler könnte eine aktive Rolle bei einer möglichen Konsolidierung der Autobranche spielen. Der neue FCA-Konzern stehe jedenfalls bereit, in den nächsten fünf bis zehn Jahren daran mitzuwirken, sagte jüngst Verwaltungsratschef John Elkann, Enkel des legendären Fiat-Patriarchen Gianni Agnelli. Über die Holding Exor hat die Familie mehr als 30 Prozent der Anteile an Fiat gebündelt. Kurz vor dem seit langem geplanten offiziellen Vollzug des Zusammenschlusses baute Exor seine Kontrollrechte zudem deutlich aus. Möglich geworden war dies über spezielle Vereinbarungen im Rahmen der Fusion.

Es bleibt abzuwarten, wie der neue Konzern funktioniert. Marchionne selbst hat bereits seinen Abschied für 2018 angekündigt. Und in der Autowelt ist schon einmal eine Fusion eines europäischen Autobauers mit Chrysler gescheitert: die Ehe Daimler-Chrysler.

Töchter sollen in neuem Glanz strahlen

Dass die neue Beziehung glücklicher wird, dafür könnten vor allem die Töchter sorgen: Marken wie Alfa Romeo, Maserati und Jeep sollen bis 2018 in neuem Glanz erstrahlen und ihre Verkaufszahlen und Gewinne in die Höhe treiben. Jeep dürfte dieses Jahr schon rund dreimal so viele Autos verkaufen wie 2009 – kann auch die lange darbende Tochter Alfa so ein Comeback hinlegen? Bei Marchionne schwingt zumindest eine gute Portion Realismus mit. Wunder sind möglich, sagte er Anfang Oktober auf dem Pariser Autosalon mit Blick auf die Jeep-Erfolgsgeschichte. Aber sind sie auch wahrscheinlich?

Viel Zeit für Sentimentalitäten bleibt den FCA-Oberen jedenfalls nicht. Ende Oktober steht bereits die erste Aufsichtsratssitzung des neuen Konzerns an. Dann geht es mit Sicherheit nicht nur um die Zahlen fürs dritte Quartal.

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Auto beschädigt

Trebur. Noch unbekannte Täter schlugen am Samstag (25.10.2014) eine Scheibe eines gelben Daimler Chrysler ein. Die Tatzeit muss zwischen 1.30 Uhr und 10 Uhr gelegen haben….

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Tesla Stock Slides On Report Of Soft Sales, Leasing Incentives TSLA

The guarantee lets anyone who isnt happy with the companys flagship Model S luxury sedan return it within 90 days. Tesla also said that it would then cancel the contract at the customers request and that lender US Bank will offer compelling lease terms that the automaker said could cut a monthly payment as much as 25%.

Tesla, whose shares are on the IBD Leaderboard list of top-rated stocks, was down about 5% in Monday afternoon trading in the stock market today.

The company is slated to announce third-quarter earnings after the market closes Nov. 5.

Consensus is for the company to report break-even earnings, down from a 12-cent profit a year ago. Revenue is projected to jump 48% to $891.7 million, vs. $602.6 million in Q3 2013.

Tesla sales may be impacted by plunging gasoline prices at the pump, which makes lower-priced gas-powered luxury cars more attractive.

Toyota Motor (NYSE:TM), one of Teslas top shareholders, last Thursday sold an undisclosed portion of its holdings in Tesla as sales of a plug-in SUV that they jointly developed wind down.

Early Monday Toyota released unit-sales figures for the first nine months of the year, revealing that it still holds the top sales spot globally.

Last Wednesday Daimler, parent of Daimler Chrysler in the US, said that it had sold its 4% stake in Tesla, which Daimler said in a statement would result in a one-time $780 million gain.

Toyota was up less than 1% Monday afternon. Daimler was down 1%.

Follow James DeTar on Twitter: @IBD_JDeTar.

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Chrysler regresa a Wall Street

NUEVA YORK Las acciones de Fiat Chrysler comenzaron a cotizar este lunes en el New York Stock Exchange bajo el símbolo FCAU.

Los títulos abrieron en 9 dólares y avanzaron hasta 9.500 dólares para después retroceder un poco.

Chrysler no ha cotizado en los Estados Unidos en más de siete años. En esa época la compañía era conocida como Daimler Chrysler. Daimler acordó vender Chrysler a la firma de capital privado Cerberus en 2007.

Las acciones de Fiat antes cotizaban como Fiat SpA en Milán y Estados Unidos. Esas acciones han superado a GM y Ford en lo que va del año, en parte por el resurgimiento de Chrysler.

Chrysler reportó un incremento en ventas de 19% en Estados Unidos el último mes. La compañía lo ha hecho particularmente bien con los autos grandes, que se han vuelto más populares a medida que bajan los precios de la gasolina. Prueba de ello son las ventas de Jeeps y de las camionetas Ram.

La automotriz cambió su suerte desde que Fiat, liderada por Sergio Marchionne, tomó control de la compañía tras su bancarrota de 2009. Fiat inicialmente compró 20% de Chrysler y ahora posee toda la compañía. El negocio conjunto provee ganancias, sin rastros de lo mal que se pusieron las cosas en 2008 y 2009.

¿Puede Fiat Chrysler crecer más? En este momento es la séptima mayor automotriz del mundo por ventas.

Marcionne dijo en una entrevista con Bloomberg Businessweek que puede haber una mayor consolidación en la industria automotriz y que Fiat Chrysler podría ser comprador.

Ha habido rumores en los últimos años sobre la posibilidad de una combinación entre Fiat, Honda o Suzuki. Fiat también anunció un acuerdo de colaboración con Mitsubishi Motors el año pasado en el que la firma producirá nuevas pick-ups para Fiat en Europa y América Latina. ¿Podría haber una fusión más adelante?

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Ex-F&C man to run global equity fund as African group enters UK

The first fund to be marketed in the UK will be Jarvis African Alliance Global Equity fund. Jarvis, who ran the Famp;C European Growth and Income fund until it was merged away in 2009, will invest around the globe in a small number of stocks.

He will work alongside co-manager Justin De Klerk, who was previouslydeputy manager on the Marlborough UK Large Cap Growth and Marlborough UK Equity Income funds at Marlborough Fund Managers, until 2012.

The duo aim to hold just 40 stocks and run a screening model – known as lsquo;Galileo – which combines value, growth and technical analysis to define their universe.

They then make a qualitative assessment of the universe to find companies which are either likely to have exceptional structural growth, such as Danish healthcare company Novo Nordisk, or which can benefit from cyclical opportunities, such as FedEx, or German car firm Daimler Chrysler.

They also look for companies with significant earnings streams which the market is failing to appreciate, such as Vermont coffee company Keurig Green Mountain.

Jarvis highlighted Keurig as a favourite position in the portfolio, as the value of its Nespresso-style coffee franchise could be enormous.

Coca-Cola took a stake in them, as they have an avenue of growth that is not being reflected in the market. They have made few inroads in to taking the business model outside of the US so far, he explained.

Victoria Oil amp; Gas is another position Jarvis highlighted, as the company is reinventing itself by building a network of pipelines to take energy to local consumers.

Victoria Oil amp; Gas have a mechanism to monetise their commodity… But the market still perceives it as an oil explorer company, Jarvis explained.

African Alliance, which has $1bn in assets under management in total, has seeded the new fund with $30m, with the managers aiming to grow the fund to $100m by 2016.

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